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Title: Listen to me, Pervert!!!
Series: Tales of Symphonia
Pairing: Sheena/Zelos
Type: Drabble
Length: 514 Words
Warnings: Low self-confidence Sheena, ambiguous relationship
Summary: Sheena's pretty frustrated Zelos hasn't been listening to her.

He's rambling on about something or another, some shallow woman he screwed or met at a party, how she was so open and so friendly and so blessed with her assets and she's not paying any attention. But when he starts talking about how he wishes she was more like party-girl, that's when she starts paying attention.

"And this hunnie, oh Sheena, I wish you dressed like that more often. Maybe wore more frills around the-"

And she's simply roiling, he does this all the time and she can't take it anymore.

"Shut up! You know I don't like these kinds of perverted stories!"

She yells it out, in the middle of the street, and people stop and look at her.

"Sheena, don't make a scene." He holds his hands out, looking around in a panic. She doesn't care.

"I wouldn't have to make a scene if you just listened to me!" she clenches her fists in balls. She's past the point of giving a damn. "This stuff kind of gets to me!"

"Oh, I, uh-" he tries to laugh, look casual, flip his hair, but he's clearly uncomfortable. He stalls for time until people turn away.

She doesn't back down. Glares at him with her arms folded until he says something. He caves and pulls her into an alleyway, where he grasps her shoulders with a quavering certainty. He doesn't smile.

"Sheena," he says, staring her down, "I'm sorry, I've been trying to be better."

"Well, better isn't good enough!"

He runs a hand through his hair in desperate frustration, trying to think of some way to make it up to her. "I- okay, look, I'll prove I can listen to you."

She scoffs at him in disbelief. "And how are you going to do that?"

"I will listen to everything," he pauses for dramatic effect. "Absolutely everything, you say today. I will shut my big, Chosen mouth and listen to you."

"My problem isn't just that you aren't listening," she's getting less tense now, a smile peeking out from its hiding spot. "It's that you're not following what I say! You've also got to prove to me that my words mean something."

He thinks a bit, making a mocking "thinker" pose with his fist. "Hmm, okay, I'll obey everything you say for the rest of the day, even though this is clearly some kind of guilt trap."

"Promise? Lets shake."

They slap their hands together, a clap echoing throughout the alleyway.

"Good," says Sheena. She grins. "We should get started right away then."

He opens his mouth to say something snarky, but remembers what literally just transpired and closes it with an audible thunk. He furrows his eyebrows and remains silent.

"I don't think so!" she laughs. The first order from your Great Chieftain Sheena is to get that downer look off your face. Let's see a smile."

He thinks about doing something sarcastic,but decides to just smile in earnest. After all, he's got a feeling she'll get far more creative with this whole "listening" thing. Give or take a few hours.


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