Oct. 24th, 2014

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Dear Anonymous Yuletider,

Thank you and your lovely self for writing my silly requests. I hope everything is clearly laid out for you and I hope you find some serious inspiration on your Yuletide journey! The way I am going to run through these prompts is to describe in the best way I can the general idea I'm looking for, then give a few prompts you can use for inspiration. You are in no way required to use them.

Kung Fu Werewolf From Outer Space


(It's here! Watch it.)

Okay, as you can tell, I am starving for some fic where the Sensei/Werewolf hit it off romantically. I literally do not care what you do with this. You can do anything, as long as it's canon compliant. An epilogue to the movie where they meet again? A training session filled with blushes and slight hand touches? Hardcore porn??

Like the source material, I would prefer it if you keep it funny/lighthearted. That would include the porn, if you're into writing that (I give you permission to use the worst euphemisms you can think of in order to create something hilarious).

Porco Rosso
I've got two closely related prompts for this! The second one I like better, but there's a big trigger warning on it for suicide/seeking death. If you're not comfortable with that, please do the first prompt.

Remember that haunting scene Porco recounts to Fio when he saw all the planes and their pilots who were shot down flying into the sky? I would like a post-film scene where he struggles with the memory and Gina helps him recover. This can be romantic or no, whatever you want!

SECOND (suicide/seeking death tw):
Alright,  that plane stream scene is reminiscent of a Roald Dahl short story called "They Shall Not Grow Old" which can be found in the pdf anthology here. If you want to go ahead and read that, do it now! Stop reading this prompt right now because I'm going to summarize the ending below:

One of the characters in the short story experiences the same thing as Porco did, except he actively joins the stream of the dead. The further he flies along with the dead, the more excited and happy he gets, the implication being that the afterlife is hells awesome and he's ready to die. However, it's not his time yet, and he returns to real life upset and jaded. While the character doesn't actively look to die for the rest of the story, he still commits semi-suicide at the end, refusing to jump out of his plane and choosing to crash with it to get back to that stream of planes.

I would like a story where Porco has that sort of feeling about the incident-- a feeling like, "I want to die due to not only guilt but also due to some irresistible draw beyond my comprehension that does not compare to mortal matters." But on the other hand, there's the joy that can be found in the realm of the living, and also Gina.

This fic can take place anytime after the incident, including post-film. I want Porco to struggle with the temptation of death but to find solace in Gina or flying his planes or whatever else you want. You can end this fic hopefully or tragically, whatever you think is best.

The World Ends With You
Just going to copy pasta my yuletide entry from last year, since I'm requesting the exact same thing...

I rarely see it written where Joshua is either an actual adult, or treated like an adult by Hanekoma. I desire some seriously adult romance, not necessarily pornographic, but simply a mature romance. And I don't really see that a lot with this pairing, it's either "Joshua is actually a child and Hanekoma is infinitely older" or "Joshua prefers hanging around in the body of a child/having the mind of a child and their relationship switches to creepy older brother/adopted albino child." And I don't have anything against these interpretations, hell, I like reading them a lot! I'm just craving something more... dark? Is dark the word? Adult? Complex?

I hope that makes sense.

So I would love something with a more "adult twist," again, not necessarily meaning porn. You could write about a post-game scene, where Joshua is aware of Hanekoma's plot and things are tense. Or maybe Joshua using his child-like appearance to make things awkward. Maybe Hanekoma going through some inner monologue about how he can stop Joshua from destroying Shibuya. Perhaps Hanekoma and Joshua simply hanging out in Shibuya's underworld before the game, discussing what to do with the diseased city. You can make it introspective, make it subtle, make it sexually tense, make them play a weird conversational game of cat and mouse, just make it, well, adult.

A Separate Peace
I'm going to request the same frickin' thing every year and I don't even care. Last year I got a really rad pirating AU from this prompt, and I want to see what this year will turn up with!

Bare bones minimum for this fic you're going to write: Place it in an AU. This can be any basic AU, modern high school au, coffeeshop au, whatever you want! I'll love the shit out of it as long as it involves some Finny/Gene shipping.

However, what I think would be hella awesome, and I think would make something pretty fun to write, is to set it in a completely original and borderline ridiculous AU.

Examples: Finny and Gene as space pirates, Finny is a god who Gene worships in some ancient society, Viking AU, AU where they are monks in a monastery trying really hard not to bone the shit out of each other, etc. 

If you do a "wacky" AU, I would prefer you treat it seriously. Wait, perhaps "seriously" is too loaded a word. What I mean is, take this kind of silly, odd AU and write your heart out! It can be lighthearted, it can be sad, it can be filled with emotions, it can have a exciting plot twist at the end, just don't treat it like crack. If you can do it, earnestly place these characters in a unique place and have fun!

Final Thoughts

I am going to finish this off by saying I will probably not be present on the fic reveal day, so do not panic if I do not comment on your assuredly wonderful story on the fine morn of Christmas day.

I will love whatever you write, my dear author, so write boldly and bravely!

Good luck!


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