Oct. 12th, 2013

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Hello anonymous writer, my old friend, it's a pleasure to see you once again this year.

This is really long and I'm sorry. I just have a lot of feelings about my requests.

My letter will follow as such:

-A introductory summary of prompts and how they fit in with this letter
-Prompt details for your perusal
-Final thoughts.

I have a few points to address with the briefness of the prompts and the length of this letter.

The following letter assumes that there will be some kind of fic/story/comic written for the prompt, so you don't have to pay attention to anything I request besides what's already in the sign-up itself IF you are doing only a single piece of artwork. However, feel free to read through the elaboration I provide anyway if you desire any inspiration.

I am really only requesting, at the most basic level, something that follows what is written in the sign-up form itself. There's a whole ton of bonus details that I think would be cool if you could work in for each different prompt, but you really don't have to. The elements which will follow this section are all up to you. If you interpreted the initial prompt in a different way than what I suggest and you think it will be really awesome: go for it. The number one thing that I would like to see is a fanwork you put effort into and were enthusiastic about, and that is far more important than any detail I provide.

However, even if you think you've got your idea down pat and are ready to rock, you should read through my prompt descriptions anyways, just in case if something in particular adds some inspiration to your mix. And besides, I'm rather keen on my suggestions and want other people to read them!

I'm only putting my dislikes here because I pretty much like everything (from gore to horror to angst to fluff to character study to action to...) and AO3's signup filtering should do most of the job for me if there is anything I'm iffy about. However, here are two things I would not like to see in your gifts.


Apologies if you are the biggest cherub fan in the world, there are just very, very few ways I like seeing them written or alluded to. Hopefully there wont be any problems, but if you need some kind of omnipresent villain and/or deity I am a.ok with mentions of Lady/Lord English. Just not their younger versions.

Literally any other characters in Homestuck are great with me. Also literally any relationship. And no relationships are great too. I also have no triggers so you have a great amount of freedom with your work.

Terezi Pyrope - Fantasy AU

First off, and this part is required, Terezi Pyrope has to be confident in this AU. I've been missing the full-of-herself preteen iteration of her character so hard, and I need that part of her in my life once again. (That isn't to say she can't have any issues in the fic, just... she shouldn't have the same problems she has now in the comic, if that makes sense.)

Onto the fantasy part. What I had in mind for this fic was just a big heaping gob of worldbuilding. Just a big heaping steaming lump of high fantasy or sword & sorcery. From a Western perspective, this might mean a ton of castles, dragons, and sword battles, but I encourage you to branch out if you've got a different idea (perhaps a fic setting inspired by one of the tales in the Nihonshyoki) and are aware of other mythologies and genres.

No matter what kind of setting you pick, there should be plenty of elements that are a staple of the genre. Some examples that come to my mind right away are-- a blind and mysterious circle of immortal prophets, a dusty library filled with magical tomes, a statue to The Ancient Dragon recently dishonored by rebellious graffiti, a harp that causes the person playing it to go crazy, etc etc. Keep it creative, exciting, and riveting.

Now this is Ladystuck, not D&Dstuck, so I'd like to see a lot of interaction with this world by Terezi. If you're into long fanworks, you could send her on an epic quest. She could grow as a person, save the world, or simply manage to fix a justice system clerical error. If you want to do something short, give a snapshot of this place, imply the shit out of the mechanics of this world, and focus on how Terezi fits into the setting and how it makes her feel.

Also, I realize this sounds like Terezi HAS to go on this great adventure and do all these battles and walk away from explosions slowly in the wrong direction, but if you notice I did not check off the action/adventure genre box. You can make this whatever you want, intrigue (Terezi must interrogate the naga ambassador at the royal banquet?), horror (Terezi wandering through the Necropolis?), romance (Terezi seduces the dashing Rouge of Hearts in the Pantheon of the Octopi?), whatever you want.

Whew, that was long. What's the next prompt?

Aradia Megido - Speakeasy AU

This prompt requires a little background information. I'm not sure how often you, dear author, get out and about, so I will explain the concept of a modern speakeasy. A traditional speakeasy is a concept from prohibition-era USA, where patrons would have to go to secret bars and whisper passwords and all that nonsense to get a drink. This practice continues today in the modern speakeasy, despite the lack of need to do this anymore. It's just kind of fun to sneak into a cave through a tailor shop and hang out with your friends.  For examples of some pretty easy to find ones in NYC, check out this article ->[link].

There are also some seriously elite and secret speakeasys out there (theoretically) with some really rich or famous or powerful or weird patrons. What I want for this fanwork is for Aradia to be the bartender of a very modern, very elite, and very mysterious speakeasy.

I would like to see the intrigue hyped up to 1000. I want to see all these patrons with their secrecy and hiding and possible weirdness telling drunken stories to the bartender,  and Aradia, always curious, getting those stories out of them. The patrons who are featured in this fic should be female characters, or at least mostly female, and if you want Aradia to have a relationship with any particular patron-- go for it.

This does not have to be humanstuck, you can set it on Prospit or Alternia or fucking Jupiter if you want to.

Note for artists: This is probably hard to draw an image of, so if you want to make the bar 20's themed or make it have some other kind of theme to make it visually appealing-- go for it.

Rose Lalonde and Terezi Pyrope - Canon Divergence AU

The only thing that should be really different about this AU is that Terezi and Rose have more time on their hands and they can't leave LoLaR (perhaps there is a glitch over the portal and they can't go through?).

The basic premise is as follows: Rose Lalonde and Terezi Pyrope go on an adventure to learn to play the rain. Perhaps Rose is bored and drags Terezi across her planet, or Terezi wants to get her mind off things, or she wants to practice being unable to see again before she goes clown hunting. Whatever the cause is, the two attempt to complete Rose's quest and learn something about themselves or each other over the course of their adventure.

It is up to you what kind of quest Rose has to complete in order to play the rain, as well as how she plays the rain, but I think it would be cool if it involved some team-building exercises. Yay for friendship! I'd like to see the quest described in the fic, since I do enjoy a good adventure.

You do NOT have to make this canon compliant-- Terezi and Rose can grow in ways that don't fit where they are in the comic right now. And while this should be a friendship fanwork first and foremost, please feel free to add another genre (violence, angst, horror, humor, politics, whatever) if the need suits you.

No romance please. Just two ladies hanging out and perhaps becoming friends.

Final Thoughts
I would like to extend a big warm thank you for your willingness to write for me. I can't wait to read your story/look at your beautiful artwork.

I also might not be around on the date the stories are revealed, so do not fret if I do not comment on your assuredly wonderful fanwork immediately!

Thank you,


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